Phase 2 Site

Development Proposal


A planning application will shortly be submitted to seek outline planning permission for redevelopment of the former Avara poultry farm site at the Dalton Airfield Industrial Estate for employment uses.


Outline planning permission for the Dalton49Thirsk development was granted in December 2021. The Dalton49Thirsk site surrounds the Avara site on three sides.

Following a change in site ownership, it is proposed to incorporate the Avara site into the wider Dalton49Thirsk development site.

The Site

The site comprises four former poultry shed buildings and an area of external hardstanding. It is constructed on the runway of the former airfield.

The site is unused and in a poor state of repair. The site is set back from Dalton Lane and screened by tree belts.

The site is bordered to the south, west and north by the Dalton49Thirsk development site and to the east by the I’Anson feed mill development which is currently under construction.

The Proposed Development

Planning permission will be sought for employment uses (i.e. industrial and/or storage and distribution) consistent with the Dalton49Thirsk approval and the uses in the existing industrial estate.

The site shall be accessed via the already approved junction to Eldmire Lane that forms part of the Dalton49Thirsk development.

As outline planning permission is sought, no design details are prepared at this stage. A sketch layout indicates how the site could be developed for a single employment building with associated yard and car park. The site shall also include drainage infrastructure and landscape planting.

The height of any building to be developed on the site will be comparable to those already approved on the Dalton49Thirsk site (not exceeding 18m) and those at the existing industrial estate.

Benefits of Development

Incorporation of the Avara site into the surrounding Dalton49Thirsk development will remove redundant poultry sheds, which are in poor condition and at risk of further deterioration, thereby making an improvement to future appearance.

The development will facilitate further inward investment, job creation and economic growth within an established location. It will facilitate the growth and modernisation of existing local businesses as well as the attraction of new businesses to the area.

Potential Impacts and Mitigation

Appearance & Views

The Avara site development will be effectively screened by existing landscape planting and the development of surrounding land. It will make no change to the character or appearance of the area. Full design and landscaping details will be prepared following the grant of outline planning permission.


The local highway network includes existing vehicle weight restrictions at Topcliffe and Dalton villages which will serve to prevent HGVs associated with the proposed development passing through these areas. Furthermore, the effectiveness of these weight restrictions is to be bolstered by mitigation measures already committed by the approved scheme at Dalton49Thirsk.

Traffic generation from the proposed employment development has been modelled and assessed cumulatively with the development already approved, which demonstrates that the development can be accommodated by the existing highway network without any significant impact on vehicle movements.

The developer remains mindful of the points raised by District Councillors and Topcliffe Parish Council during the planning application for the adjoining site; and in particular the concern around any increase in HGV movements through villages (in spite of the weight restrictions in place).

The measures already secured through the grant of planning permission for Dalton49Thirsk will ensure traffic related to the development does not cause or add to this problem. Furthermore, Travel Plan measures will be promoted to support the use of sustainable transport by the occupier business.


Noise and air quality assessments are undertaken consider any cumulative impact of additional employment activity occurring at the site. These find the noise impact of the additional development to be low and able to be mitigated by measures already secured by the approved scheme at Dalton49Thirsk (i.e. acoustic fencing within landscape buffer). No significant impact on air quality is identified.


In the same manner as the already approved scheme, and given that there is no occupier, or specific use or operational details known at this stage, it is envisaged that other technical or environmental matters will be assessed (and mitigation secured) when full detail of the proposed development is established and submitted for approval in due course.

Development Process and Timing

At this stage, outline planning permission is sought for the Phase 2 development at the former Avara site.

It is expected that detailed planning approvals for the Dalton49Thirsk site will be sought on a phased basis commencing shortly, with the former Avara site being a later phase in this process.

Have Your Say

Any comments on the proposed development are welcome and may be submitted by completion of the form at the bottom of this page.

Following submission of the planning application, Hambleton Council will publicise the application according to its normal practices and make the application material available for public review. A formal consultation period of not less than 21 days will take place during which comments should be submitted direct to the Council’s planning department.

The developer’s project team will remain in dialogue with the Council throughout this process to allow any further submissions to be made if necessary.

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